Improving Efficiency in Modular Housing

Download Improving-Efficiency-in-Modular-Housing-by-Aleida-N-Gonzalez.pdf

This project should reach to increase and improve the overall life quality of a modular home. To achieve the desired result, the level of insulation was increased, windows will be added to increase ventilation and natural light to illuminate the interior naturally. The factor that stands out most of this project is the ‘shelter’ that protects the modular home from the sun to help reduce the impact of the sun. the structure is made of metal to be able to support the weight of the solar panels.

The insulation will be increased to meet the Texas energy code standard, which reduced the power usage of the modular home by approximately 54%. The solar panels ended up with the other 50% of energy consumption. Now, in an average of 25 years the total of a saving of approximately $ 20,000.