Las Palmas Community Development

Download Las-Palmas-Community-Center-by-Justin-and-Tiff.pdf

Las Palmas Circle is a multi-generational space that repurposes existing hotels and occupies unused space to provide a functional, convenient community. With affordable housing at one end of the site, senior housing on the other, and a park and market residing between them, this community not only benefits those who live there, but all citizens of Cotulla.

The Idea of the project is create affordible, livable space from an exisiting set of spaces. To do this we must design around the original structure ,plumbing and facade pieces in order to keep it affordable for the users. The only changes to the Candlewood Suites building was just interior walls to genreate multiple bedroom units, deletion of some appliances, addition of a landry area per floor, and Exterior paint. The units will be priced from as low as 290.00 to 510.00, depending on size.