The Lighthouse Community

Download The-Lighthouse-Community-by-Calvin.pdf

Bringing life back into Crystal City. The lighthouse community is located in the heart of the historic city.With a goal to enhance the community by incorporating low income housing with a focus on providing the necessary tools and amenities for our residents to thrive. Whether that be:

  • Community center with the potential for unlimited knowledge from our computer center.
  • Loving daycare there for you when you need it most, allowing you to go to work without the added stress of worrying about your children.
  • Laundromat giving easy access to fresh and clean clothes right down the street from their homes.
  • Multipurpose area that can be rented out or used by the community for meetings, dancing practice, venues… etc.
  • Gym to support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Basketball court providing an active lifestyle in a social environment.
  • Safe places for the children to play.
  • Community garden, giving a healthy alternative for produce grown in your own backyard.
  • Farmers market and pop up food truck area that gives the residents an opportunity to make some extra income.